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Construction of Dampers Fatigue Life Prediction Process, MANDO
Water Coil Flow Analysis, INNERGIE
Garnish strip Sectional Analysis, YUHAN INDUSTRY
Weatherstrip Sectional Analysis, DAEYANG TECH
Constructing Material Database of Uniaxial Tensile Test, KOSTECH


Development of a Multicopter-type Flight Control System for manned Autonomous Operations, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Defense Acquisition Program Administration(~2021)
Analysis of press molding parts, SEOYONINTECH
High-speed tensile test and Fabrication of test JIG specimens, DAS
Wrist guard R&D for medical devices, COREMEDITECH
Stiffness Analysis of LRG Pressure Containers for Vehicle, WINTECH
Development of Software License Monitoring Program for Plastic Analysis, DGDM(~2019)
R&D of self heating cartridge for medical devices, MIRIMEDIX
R&D of saliva sampler and drug mixers for medical devices, MIRIMEDIX(~2019)
CFE Thermal Conductivity Analysis, EnergyPanelKorea
Thermal Contact Resistance Research, HP(~2019)


Construction prediction process of weather strip performance, Hyundai Motors
Analysis of Rack Bar heat treatment deformation by Induction Heating, CTR
Boot behavior analysis using FSI technique, CTR


Development of automatic design of anti-vibration rubber for automobile, SECO AIA
Development of Medical Field Diagnostics for Elderly Care, BODYTECH(~2018)


Development of Low Temperature Rubber and Low Torque R&D for Automotive Wheel Bearing, ILJIN GLOBAL(~2016)
Development of human biomass functional artificial organs using solid pig organs, Seoul National University(~2017)


Warm molding and Welding heat deformation Analysis of IP beam Assembly, OSTEAM
Drag torque through deformation analysis of automotive wheel bearing seals, ILJIN GLOBAL(~2015)


Research and development of seat assy support / off prediction and optimization, Hyundai Motors
Development of durability prediction analysis technology for rubber parts, Hyundai MOBIS
Development of durability and accelerated aging test for nonlinear vehicle parts, Hyundai-Kia Motors


Development of prediction method of deformation behavior of suspension rubber bush, Hyundai MOBIS